Supermarket “Absolut +” Levski

Supermarket “Absolut +” Levski

St. “Han Asparuh” 1A

Our biggest supermarket with an area of 1.7 acres has a central location near banks and administrative buildings. It was opened in 2005 and has since been the supermarket with the highest variety of products- over 30 000 in the area. Amongst those are fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh orange juice, fish and chilled Bulgarian meat, bakery, products you may need at home as well as electrical appliances, flowers and gardening products, food supplements and many others. We offer cooked meals and desserts every day and special orders can be placed there. For those which are interested in cigars we have a tobacco stand where you can also find e-cigarettes and souvenirs, including “Victorinox” and keychains “Troika”. In our supermarket there is also a “Refan” stand, jewerly “Perfect Silver” stand, as well as a bookshop, ATM and a milk dispenser form a local farmer. We have a parking space with a capacity of 35 cars.


We offer a delivery within the municipality. However, you can also borrow one of our bicycles and take your products home. Just next to us you can find “Perfecto” where you can enjoy a pizza in the restaurant or stay the night at the hotel. Soon “Pepco”, which can already be found next to our biggest Pavlikeni supermarket, will open here too.


Delivery number:  0887000175 

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