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“Absolut +”- the stores to go to in Levski and Pavlikeni


The retail chain “Absolut +” is a symbol of quality, professionalism and innovations. Throughout the 20 years in the sphere “Absolut +” has proved to be a partner.


The first supermarket opened in 1999 in Levski and as of today has 7 supermarkets in Levski, Pavlikeni and Byala Cherkva. In them you can find high quality food and household products, with an emphasis on Bulgarian products.


Supermarkets “Absolut +” achieves its large variety of goods through its high aims in the sphere and partnership with over 150 producers and suppliers. In our supermarkets you can find diet food,  fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and meat. In our biggest supermarkets in Levski and Pavlikeni we have cooked dishes and a bakery for bread products. Last but not least our modern interior and exterior design is combined with elements from the local history.


Caring for our customers is always our number one priority and therefore we conduct deliveries to your home or workplace. It is not only available for the Levski and Pavlikeni’s citizens but for the whole municipality.


A part of what makes our chain unique is the availability for leisure, sports and games, created. Every supermarket has a parking and in our bigger ones we have a carwash, insurance office and courier services.


We are not only a supermarket, but a place to communicate and share your emotions in. We host a variety of sports events, which involve a large part of the community.


Where to find us:




St. “Han Asparuh” 1A

St. “Kiril and Metodii” 33

St. “Malchika” 14




St. “Stefan Karadja” 16

Blvd. “Ruski” 63

St. “Alexander Stamboliiski” 16


Byala Cherkva:

St. "Bacho Kiro" 78


Delivery number:


Levski municipality- 0887000175 


Pavlikeni municipality- 0882000700


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